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The Importance of Getting an Eye Exam

eye exam

While many people recognize the importance of routine physicals and dental appointments, a surprising number of people fail to schedule regular eye exams. To make sure your eyes stay healthy in the coming years, be sure to make time for eye exams. Here are a few of the top reasons to schedule your next comprehensive eye exam.

Identify Eye Problems

While a vision screening can be great for identifying risk factors, a comprehensive eye exam is needed to pinpoint specific problems. Even if you’re not aware of any vision problems, you might find a problem area to fix. In addition to getting a complex overview of your unique vision, the doctor will work with you to find solutions for existing problems.

Improve Eye Conditions

If you suffer from an eye condition like glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy, routinely scheduled eye exams become even more important. Your eye doctor will be able to explain treatment plans and monitor your progress in order to ensure that your eyes stay as healthy as possible for the future.

Find Treatment Plans

After your eye exam, your doctor will issue a treatment plan if any eye conditions are discovered. Keeping on top of treatment before the condition worsens is vital in reducing your health care costs over the course of time and preserving your vision. To schedule an eye exam, contact Fraser Optical today.