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Stages of Eye Care

eye exam
Like any other part of our anatomy, our eyes change throughout our growth cycle as we age. It is important to have yearly eye examinations in order to check the progress of eye health and growth throughout all the stages of life.
Infants must learn to see, just as they learn to talk and walk. Nutrition plays an important role in the continued development of eye health as a child grows. School-age children need eye examinations regularly to maintain not only eye health, but also brain and learning development. Poor eyesight is a leading contributor to developmental delay.
Adult vision begins at age 19, and while most people enjoy healthy vision or are utilizing corrective measures, if needed, by this point in life, new concerns come into play. Often eyestrain from studying, working later hours, or not getting the proper rest begin to appear.
The next major stage of eye health is age 40, where presbyopia, or difficulty focusing on close objects, begins. This occurs due to the lens hardening inside your eye. Eye examinations take on new priority, as this is the stage of life where cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye problems tend to show up. Contact Fraser Optical to make an appointment today!